Some our favorite stamps from the USPS store's current collection....

Love Stamp

The latest design in the Love series is our new go-to stamp. Great for sending greeting cards, but they even make paying bills by the mail more fun <3

Art direction: Greg Breeding / Original Art & Stamp Design: Bailey Sullivan

Emilio Sanchez Stamps

These colorful Emilio Sanchez stamps are a perfect mix of playful and sophisticated, perfect for invitations and notecards.

Art direction and stamp design: Antonio Alcalá

The Snowy Day Stamps

The Snowy Day stamps debuted in 2017, and they're still our favorite for sending out holiday cards and invitations for winter events. Ezra Jack Keats' illustrations capture magical winter moments, making this postage a perfect final touch for your holiday mail.

Art direction and stamp design: Antonio Alcalá

Happy mailing!